Grupo Almina:

Minerals that shape our lives

We work today for a more sustainable tomorrow.

NEOMINA is a 100% Portuguese mining company.

NEOMINA integrates the ALMINA group, in activity since 1973. Its mission is to value mineral resources, mainly Tin and Lithium. It operates with social and environmental responsibility resorting to the best available techniques and meeting the highest European standards.
A reliable partner for a better future.
Criteria for social and environmental management and operational excellence.
Experience in the efficient exploitation of natural resources in a highly regulated sector.
Commitment, dialogue and continuous involvement of all stakeholders.
Financial autonomy and high performance in unparalleled investments of the Portuguese mining sector.
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Metals and minerals are part of our daily life. The transition from energy based on fossil hydrocarbons to renewable energy sources implies a greater use of metals and minerals. Renewable energies, electric infrastructures, energy storage and electrical vehicles are crucial to slow climate change, therefore we must ensure reliable and transparent access to tin and other strategic metals.
Metal Alloys
Another mined metal is lithium. Besides the increasing use in batteries, lithium, which is of high strategic importance, has major application in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in ceramic and glass, making it a critical raw material for the EU.